29 January 2010

Press Quotes on Dreaming of Dior

Here are some of my favourite quotes from press editorials on the book:

Vogue Australia, December 2009
"Indulge in the delightful stories behind one woman's incredible couture collection in Dreaming of Dior"

Arts/Culture 'M', November 1, 2009
"Dreaming of Dior is a small design miracle, with its brightly coloured pages and flocked cover. It is an absolute delight".

Hobart Mercury, Friday 23 October, 2009
"It (Dreaming of Dior) becomes less about taffeta, organdie and silk, and more about the women and their dreams, hopes and disappointments"

"You will dip into this book again and again, to treasure the tales and history and to revel in the enchanting illustrations by Grant Cowan"

Australian Bookseller and Publisher, November 2009
"This is a gorgeous gift book which will find its market with lovers of fashion and women who have always dreamed of making a grand entrance draped in Chanel or Dior"

This quote comes out of the book, but has been repeated a number of times in reviews:
"I grew up thinking everyone had a special room in their house full of 19th century hats and crocodile handbags, and that every woman had - or should have - wardrobes and trunks filled with rainbows of shimmering gowns".

The West Australian...thewest.com.au  November 11, 2009
"Aside from being visually appealing, with detailed sketches that bring each dress to life, the book weaves together the stories of women"

This is a quote I made to The Sydney Morning Herald, 'Couture Style', November 5, 2009
"It's a recording of...the way women's lives have changed"

'Famous', Reviews, (FAMOUSMAG.COM.AU)
"Charlotte Smith realised every girl's dream when she inherited hundreds of vintage gowns from her godmother"

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