29 April 2010

A Vintage New York Afternoon at The Family Jewels

Day 1 in NYC: Odeon, Dad, The Family Jewels, Phyllis Peplow

I am staying at The Time, a funky hotel in the heart of the theatre district and a stones throw from Times Square. Simon & Schuster organised this and I am being treated royally.

As it is raining and very chilly I pull on my latest pair of skinny jeans and a sweater and a pair of gold lame sandals (really my only option as all my other shoes are towering stilettos which CANNOT get wet)

A perfect Sunday is planned - a long brunch and tantalising stops at downtown vintage clothing boutiques.

My father and Bertie arrive at the hotel and off we go to the Odeon Brasserie in SoHo. Definitely the place to go for brunch – it was packed with yummy mummies and trendy artists. After a leisurely lunch – I had a tuna burger with wasabi mayo, very French-style french fries and fresh berries and cream – we jump into a taxi and go straight to The Family Jewels on west 23rd St.

This gem of a shop lives up to its name Рso many bright colours, glistening sequins and sparkling diamanté jewellery Рit looks like the inside of a well stock jewellery box. Prices were a bit precious too, but for the sheer volume of top quality clothes and accessories in great condition, they were justified.

From there we walked 2 blocks north and found the highly regarded The Showplace Antique & Design Centre. Now, I told everyone, “do not let me buy anything.” (I have decided that by saying that I seem to ask for trouble).

And trouble came in the form of an exquisite Arts & Craft period collar. Made of gold plated sterling silver and lavishly decorated with opals, cabochon garnets and amethyst, it is the most beautiful necklace I have ever been able to afford to buy. I will wear it with my new (vintage) brown velvet 40's gown I bought last week at The Vintage Fair in Sydney. Actually, I can wear it with everything and as the charming proprietor, Phyllis Peplow said, “Daaling, just wear it with jeans and a white tee shirt”.

So as I sit here writing this I am bedecked in my chunky new collar. There goes my spending money in one fell swoop and in the first day!! But, it really is stunning.

The real point of our venture to the centre was to visit 2 stalls, 'Cherry' and 'Marlene Wetherell'. They were closed, but looking through the door both of them were chock full of evening dresses and sassy chiffon cocktail dresses. Already I have noticed how fantastic the hats for sale are over here.

After waving off Dad and Bertie, I headed up to Columbus Circle to Barnes & Noble to see if I could find my book.

I still find it an odd sensation to walk into a bookstore and see the hot pink and black cover of a book I have written staring at me. There is was, but in the “Appearance” section (never knew this category existed) so I did as all authors do, but probably never admit it, and took my book and placed it face forward in the most prominent display – 'Special Gifts For Mother'. Now it stood out and couldn't be missed! (naughty I know, but hey, why not?!)

I bought lots of fashion magazines (to keep up with fashion trends over here) and plan to tuck myself in early to read and listen to the sounds of a city that never sleeps. It is so great to be here. Can't actually believe I actually lived here for 3 years.

More tomorrow... I'll be dreaming of my decadent necklace and where I will wear it! Perhaps it will become a story for book 3.
UPDATE: The hotel fire alarm just went off. I grabbed my computer, passport and my new necklace. We all trooped down to street level. False alarm!

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  1. Charlotte i can't believe i'm reading this a bit late... been following the Darnelle collection blog and i realised that you updated this one more often so...keeping up todate with exciting things you've been doing in NY !!
    sounds FANTASTIC !!
    For next time... do you need a personal assistant ? lol !!