02 May 2010

Martha Stewart Living, Darien Public Library & Abbocatto

Day 4: Radio Interview, Book Signing, Publishers Meeting
A last minute but exciting media opportunity has just arisen – I have been invited to speak live on Martha Stewart Living radio program. At 7am!! I head over at 6:30 to ensure I am there on time and have a moment to compose myself. This is a live broadcast so no mistakes.

I am ushered up to the 36th floor of a building on 6th Ave, am met by the producer and go straight in as the presenters are speaking life. No chance to even find my seat before they are asking questions. I really enjoy their questions and we have a good laugh. I suppose I am with them talking for over 15 minutes.

I get back to the hotel and have breakfast and then go up to my room for a small nap. I feel exhausted.
At 1pm I meet Greer Hendricks, the other of my two phenomenal publishers at Simon & Schuster, for lunch at Abbocatto, a dark, clubby type of restaurant you can imagine writers and playwrights hang out in. We both order Atlantic salmon and really enjoy getting to know one another. Actually, I felt like I had known her for ages, she was so friendly and bubbly, but I could see a great business mind there too.

I am collected by another car service at 4:30pm and begin my second long drive out of the city to Connecticut, this to Darien. The traffic is horrendous and I arrive with minutes to spare.

My venue is the Darien Public Library, a wonderful modern new space attached to the enormous historic library. My hosts help me set up and ensure I am most welcomed.

Over 50 women come to listen and after my talk we have an animated Question & Answer session. They will not let me leave until I have told them the stories of every single dress I have brought with me. More books are sold!

I return to the hotel around 10:30 and spend several hours working on the computer.

HarperCollins Australia is hard at work with Grant on book 2! I am sent rough drafts of some of the illos and have to make sure the colours are correct, the pose appropriate and all the accessories are suitable. I really shouldn't be staying up so late – I need more sleep. The other problem is – the NOISE. I just can't get over how noisy it is, people shouting at all hours of the night, horns blowing, dump trucks backing up with the beep beep sounding like an alarm clock, noisy hotel guests. I have to admit, I do not sleep well here. Luckily, my itinerary is so well prepared and organised I don't have to worry or even think about that and can enjoy the luxury of sinking back into the leather seats of the car service and relaxing.

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