29 June 2010


"Charlotte's book, "Dreaming of Dior", illustrated by Grant Cowan, is compulsive and entertaining reading for anyone who has ever had a lovely affair with a treasured fashion item." 'Dreaming of Dior' by Charlotte Smith book launch at the Beresford Hotel, Sydney', MiSociety, November 11.

Charlotte's "three thousand piece vintage clothing collection...would rival Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe and includes originals by Dior, Versace and Chanel."
Kerri-Anne Kennerly, 
Mornings With Kerri-Anne, Chanel 9, Sydney

Dreaming of Dior 
is "one of the most lovely books to cross my desk this year."Deborah Cameron, ABC Sydney Mornings
"Charlotte's story is quite amazing." The Darnell Collection is "an extraordinary gift."Carol Duncan, ABC Newcastle Afternoons

Dreaming of Dior is "This year's fashion must-have."
Marina Go on her blog The New 30
"In the tradition of Love, Loss and What I Wore, this lavishly illustrated book is not a catalogue but instead a delicious gift book full of the quirky and evocative stories from women who owned and who wore these dresses. From laugh-out-loud to poignant and moving, this is the book every woman, of any age, will want to buy for themselves or give as a gift."
Harper Collins, Publisher of Dreaming of Dior
"Fabulous collation of fashion!
SOME people have all the luck. Charlotte Smith, for example, had the luck to be the goddaughter of Doris Darnell, a lovely lady who for many, many years has collected fabulous pieces of fashion.
 She was, in fact, Charlotte Smith's "fashion" godmother, since Smith's luck, specifically, was to be the recipient of Ms Darnell's wonderful collection, which has now been turned into a lovely, wee book – Dreaming of Dior."Niki Bruce, Straights Times Blogs
"At the vintage show in Sydney, I met a lovely lady Charlotte Smith, who has been fortunate to have received her godmothers collection of dresses from 1790's to 1990's. Along with these dresses came the stories of women who wore them.Dreaming of Dior "is a delightful read and it truly is a gift that Charlotte is now able to share the collection with us." Miss Lizzy's Blog

Dreaming of Dior "is a book any woman who knows a dress can hold a lifetime of memories will treasure."
mironside, SheSaid.com/au

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