08 May 2010

Back Home to Oz - Clicking My Heels & Making a Wish!!

Day 13: This is it. My plane leaves in the early evening.

I get up early and walk to buy Jess, my publicist extraordinaire at S&S, a large bunch of flowers to thank her for all her organising and promotions for me and the book.
I am meeting my friend Boo again – we just had to meet again before I left as we hadn't even touched the surface of our wild stories of past. We meet at Le Pain Quotidienne – home away from home. Fiona, Nat, Grant and I meet at the Sydney one each Wednesday to work through Grant's latest drawings for Dreaming of Chanel. I love their coffee and the NYC one is pretty special.

Boo and I met Jess across the street at the S&S head office. I sign lots of books which will be held by S&S and used for promotions or sent to VIPs.  I say goodbye. The team at S&S have be outstanding and fun. I will miss them all. I also say goodbye to Boo and walk away with a bag of goodies from her clothing company – really gorgeous and beautifully made. www.boogemes.com (check out her great clothes on her website)

And speaking of great websites have a look at my sister's website:www.mybohemiahouse.com Sarah is a master at party decorating and sells a great product perfect for the busy hostess called “Party in a Box”. Take a look.

I am now finishing my packing. Couldn't stop myself buying one more top for Olivia and me at Zara. The last decent and cheap shopping I will do until June when Olivia and I return to the States for 10 days. My driver, Dimitri, is coming to collect me, my vintage dresses, shopping and everything else I seem to have acquired since arriving just 13 days ago. I see the flight home is 22 hours and 30 minutes. I need sleep and I will make sure to watch all the latest films I haven't seen yet. I need this long break then back to work in Oz.

Thank you for following my adventures in NYC. I will do more each time I travel somewhere exciting. I am off to Melbourne soon, then Brisbane and then back to the US before (hopefully) a trip to Italy and England in July.

A bientot! Please tell your friends about my book, Dreaming of Dior. And may all your adventures include glamorous vintage dresses! XXXC

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  1. hi um i wanted to say that im absoulutley in love with your book dreaming of dior im only on page 82 and everything i read and see in your book is enchanting one of my favorite dresses from the book is the dress on page 72 that you wore in Paris. it looks dazzling i also have a weak spot for Elsa Schiaparelli's designs. Im only twelve but one day i wanna grow up to be a fashion designer, and have a collection as remarkable as the dresses in your book.
    P.S. i dont have a thing to comment as so i used my grandmothers google