08 May 2010

Enjoying a Lovely Spring Day in New York City

Day 12: Catching Up with Friends, Colleagues & Dr. Valerie Steele

I am staying in my friend's new apartment on West 62nd Street. Great views over the Hotel Empire to the river a few blocks away.
As it is my last full day I leave the apt. early and walk downtown to Daffy's. I loved the one in Philadelphia, but quickly see this one is a bit down market, except for the racks of beautiful Nougat London sweaters. I buy one for $33 rather than the $233 I would have to shell out in Australia.

I am late for my much anticipated meeting with Dr. Valerie Steel, Curator and Director of the Museum at FIT. I have a list of questions I ask her which may help me decide what to do with my collection and how to do it. She is very good with her answers and pretty much tells me what I knew deep down in my heart was the best way to progress – so I will keep you posted on developments once I return.

I wander through the Night & Day exhibition at the Museum. It is small but beautifully displayed with some quite magnificent dresses from the 20s and 30s. I enjoy reading the histories about each of the dresses or accessories on display.

From FIT I walk to Jacks on 40th Street to meet another long lost friend from my riding days in Pennsylvania, Boo Thayer Gemes. We travelled through Europe together and I spent many nights over at her house when we were in our teens. I am excited to see her and catch up in the very brief one hour we have together. It is amazing how much ground you can cover and how many glasses of wine can be drunk in 1 hour! It feels as if we just saw each other last week – another great friend even after all the years. We have a GREAT gossip!

I race back to the apartment to await NBC Style on-line who will come and interview me about the book and dresses. I have no time to freshen up and we get started right away. I am asked stories about the Dior LBD, the lace pant suit with ALL its stories, I even put on the black 1930s long gown I wore to Blenheim Palace for a little dress-up segment for the video. It is fun and informal. We have lots to chat about. I will wait to hear when it will be used and perhaps I can add it to the links of Dreaming promotions.

Once I am on my own again I begin to pack the Dreaming dresses back into their suitcase, for that last time I hope. I am condensing what I have to take home and will leave a number of bits in the flat, including a small suitcase I just have no room for now – I can only have 2 bags and I opt for 2 huge ones!

At 8pm I am ready to meet Cameron. I saw him last week on a rather frantic Thursday night so this one will be quieter. It is such a glorious spring night – no humidity, a nice breeze and clear skies, I walk all the way to 73rd Street and 3rd Avenue. Takes me a bit longer than I thought, but I still beat Cameron! I sit and wait at an outside table. I love sitting outside and feel I could be in Paris as much as NYC. Cameron arrives and we have a wonderful dinner together before joining Cameron's friends at a trendy 'club'. We sit and chat and catch up with the delightful Greg who is much more up to date with the Dior blog than I am. I get to sleep very late. It is the perfect way to end the last night in NYC.

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